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What is the purpose of this site?
The purpose of this site is to give web hosting companies and domain name owners the ability to quickly check if their domain(s) has been created and left alone the past in one of the primary ISP's DNS servers.

So, what do I care if my domain exists in one of the primary ISP's DNS servers?
You should really care about it!
If your domain(s) is existing in one of the ISP's DNS servers and the zone file is pointing to different IP address than the current web server IP address, that's means that when the ISP's DIALUP and ADSL customers will try to enter to your site, they will be redirected to a different website. Do you really want this?

My domain(s) exists in one of the primary  ISP's DNS servers. What should I do?
If your domain exists and your DNS servers in the WHOIS* are pointing to different DNS servers, than you should call the ISP's customer support and ask them to delete the zone file from their DNS server cache.

*if your DNS server in the WHOIS are pointing to the ISP's DNS servers, then you should leave them as they are.